The OTCQX marketplace is the premier tier of the U.S. over-the-counter market.
Investor-focused companies use the quality-controlled OTCQX marketplace to offer investors transparent trading, superior information and easy access through their regulated U.S. broker-dealers.

About OTC Markets Group Inc.

OTC Markets Group Inc. provides the leading inter-dealer electronic quotation and trading system in the over-the-counter (OTC) securities market. We create innovative technology and data solutions to efficiently connect market participants, improve price discovery, increase issuer disclosure, and better inform investors. OTC Markets Group operates the third largest U.S. equity trading venue which includes both the premier OTCQX market tier for investor-focused OTC-traded companies that can satisfy financial and disclosure standards and the OTC Pink marketplace for all other OTC quoted securities.

Over 230 financial service firms, including the ten largest U.S. investment banks, actively make markets in OTCQX and OTC Pink quoted securities and in 2008 these firms traded over $135 billion of OTCQX and OTC Pink securities. OTC Markets Group offers widespread access to all U.S. broker-dealers, enabling investors to seamlessly trade these securities through their institutional, online, or full service brokers.

OTC Markets Group is headquartered in New York City.