Benefits of Being a DAD / PAL

Grow revenues, build long term relationships and expand industry sector presence with quality companies seeking an array of capital markets services

The DAD / PAL advisor will help management and boards of directors to discern what information is material and needs to be disclosed to investors, while not over-burdening companies with complex one-size-fits-all requirements. An advisor should know the company and understand their business, as he or she will be required to provide an annual letter to OTC Markets Group describing the work performed by the DAD/PAL and stating that, based on the company's supplied disclosure, the company meets the eligibility and disclosure requirements of OTCQX.

Benefits for Investment Bankers

  • Opportunity to build relationships with quality companies that are looking to raise capital or increase their profile with investors.
  • Increase visibility as an expert in growth and emerging companies.
  • Expand your brand with investors through the companies sponsored.
  • Ability to turn transactional business into relationship business.
  • Build an advisory fee business with increased opportunities for capital raising fees.
Benefits for Attorneys

  • Opportunity to build relationships with small and emerging companies in need of disclosure and legal advisory services.
  • Increase visibility as an expert providing legal services to small and emerging companies.
  • Clear differentiation in the market space.
  • Associate firm's name with high-quality clients.

OTCQX issuers are required to notify their DAD/PAL of any planned capital raisings or dilutive events, providing the DAD/PAL with increased opportunities to provide underwriting advisory services.

An issuer that needs guidance on raising capital, or that is looking to improve the visibility of its securities in the market, will want to retain an investment bank as its advisor. Alternatively, for an issuer whose primary concern is efficiently creating credible disclosure, the company's current securities attorney is the most likely candidate to be an advisor since they are already familiar with the company.