Services to Engage Investors

OTCQX companies receive a suite of benefits designed to help them attract and inform shareholders, provide market intelligence to Investor Relations officers, and optimize trading performance.

Disclosure and Transparency Services

  • OTC Disclosure and News Service: Use this tool to post annual and interim reports, news releases, material events and investor presentations directly onto their quote page on

    • Releases are published to a Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feed to be picked up by external news services and the investing public
    • Fundamental data is distributed by Edgar Online to financial sites and portals such as Yahoo! Finance
    • Companies can disseminate company news and information through the OTC Disclosure & News Service on, as well as through PR Newswire’s expansive network, which includes local, national and Reg. FD compliant news portals – all at an exclusive rate.
  • Real-Time Level 2 Quotes: Provide investors trading transparency with Real-time Level 2 Quotes. These market maker quotes are available on as well as OTC Markets Group's websites for investors and professional traders: and Detailed quote and trade information is also available for display on a company’s websites for continued investor education.

Market Intelligence & Investor Relations Tools

  • OTCIQ: Web-based and easy to use, OTCIQ delivers customized real-time market data, and comprehensive activity reports. Investor Relations managers use to see how a stock is trading, follow competitors and track the market's activity at any given moment.

  • Blue Sky Compliance: Ensure U.S. brokers can educate their clients about your stock. Companies that trade in the U.S. OTC market must be compliant with an individual state's "Blue Sky Laws" in order for brokers to recommend their stock to investing clients in that state. OTCQX has partnered with S&P, Mergent, and the Blue Sky Data Corporation to help OTCQX companies comply in 42 states and reach 79% of the U.S. population on average.

  • OTC Market Report: A concise summary of a security's market performance delivered weekly via email to designated executives, and easily re-distributed to the board of directors, management team, and shareholders.

  • Customer Support: OTCQX is committed to customer service. A team of Customer Support representatives is ready to assist you with everything from understanding OTCQX requirements to posting a news release. The OTCQX staff is experienced and knowledgeable in the OTC market and issues that affect your trading. The OTCQX team will ensure you receive timely informational, educational and regulatory updates.

  • OTCQX Market Center Events: OTCQX hosts informational and educational events at the OTCQX Market Center, located at our corporate headquarters in New York City. OTCQX companies and Advisors are welcome to use the Market Center to host their own investor conferences, or individual investor meetings.

Trading Services

  • Trading Platform: OTC Markets Group provides the electronic trading platform for U.S. broker-dealers to execute on investor demand by making markets and providing best execution in OTC traded securities. Over 170 active OTC market makers and agency traders utilize our efficient, state-of-the-art, low-cost quotation and trade messaging services to trade over $160 billion in OTCQX, OTCBB, and OTC Pink securities annually.

  • Market Data Distribution: Your company's quote and trade data is distributed to OTC Markets Group's network of the largest market data distributors, including Bloomberg and Thompson Reuters, to continue to keep your investors informed.